API Reference aino v0.6.0



Aino, an experimental HTTP framework

Generate a manifest file and handles path translation

Chunked Response Handler

Config for Aino when launching in a supervision tree

An outgoing event, primarily for Server Sent Events

Process an incoming request from Aino

Middleware functions for processing a request into a response

Development only middleware

Behaviour for parsing request bodys

Parse application/x-www-form-urlencoded request bodies

Common code for parsing param maps

An Aino set of middleware for dealing with routes and routing

A generic request for usage in Aino Converted from the adapter's request

Session storage

Session implementation using cookies as the storage

Session implementation using cookies as the storage

A temporary storage for strings

Encode and decode session data in a pluggable backend

Token functions related only to session

Small supervisor to handle launching Aino

The token is what flows through the entire web request

Shortcuts for returning common responses

Compile templates into modules with a render function

Aino's EEx view engine

Initial protocol based off of Phoenix.HTML.Safe

Helper functions for dealing with HTML tags

Launch external processes along with the Aino


Mix Tasks

Generate a manifest file for assets

Run the Aino Server